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Seeking the right help is a great first step.

People facing legal issues such as bankruptcy or divorce often want to hide or ignore their situation, but we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Life happens, and we can’t always control the factors that lead to these types of scenarios. The best thing you can do for yourself is get the help you need to move forward. So give our office a call. We’re proud to offer effective, encouraging, and judgment-free legal counsel.

We take the time to do things right.

More than likely, your priority is resolving your legal matter as quickly as possible; ours is ensuring the work is done right. After all, a well-executed legal plan means less potential for future consequences. So if, for instance, you come to us about a bankruptcy matter, you can rest assured that we take your situation very seriously and will be extremely thorough as we guide you through it. And don’t worry — this service comes with a flat fee, not an hourly rate.

Meet Our Team

Attorney Tim George in front of books

Tim George

Principal Attorney

Tim’s love for education, combined with his blue collar values, has guided the Tim George & Associate law firm to be what it is today. From the start, his philosophy has been to educate clients on their legal trouble while also doing all that he can to help them through it. He has never been afraid to put in the legwork to make a situation better for a client.

Attorney Dawn Chapman outside

Dawn Chapman

Attorney at Law

Dawn has been an associate of Tim’s for nearly a decade and a half now. She is deeply involved in each case that comes through our doors, and she works closely with clients to make sure their needs are met. Like Tim, she is dedicated to providing excellent legal service and a sense of empowerment to each and every person we work with.

A Word from Our Clients

Don't get caught up on where things went wrong.

Let's focus on how to move forward.

Practice Areas

Our mission is to protect everyday people from life's legal surprises.

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.
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Family Law

We handle matters pertaining to custody, visitation, paternity, divorce, dissolution, grandparents' rights, and more.
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Wills and Estates

Our mission is to help you plan for the future and avoid probate, if appropriate.
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Personal Injury

If an injury caused by someone else has put a strain on your family, give us a call.
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Learn about your options.
Courthouse icon You may not have been able to control every factor that led to your legal concern, but you do get to decide what happens next. Start by asking questions. We’re happy to offer our guidance and support.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the social stigmas associated with divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure, but at our office, you’ll be encouraged to leave those worries at the door. From the moment you walk inside, you’ll know that you’re in a safe, friendly environment — one where you are heard and understood.

So take a moment, if you need it, to gather your courage. It’s tempting to try and cover up your situation, but it’s a braver and healthier choice by far to pick up the phone and take that first step toward your new life.

Once you make the call, feel free to start asking questions. We’re here to help you not only overcome your legal obstacles, but to fully understand them, as well.

Whether you’re trying to work through a divorce, address a child custody issue, file for bankruptcy, get through the probate process, or start putting together an estate plan, we have the tools to assist you. If you decide to work with us, we will give your case the individual attention it deserves, and we will treat you with the utmost respect. Call today if that sounds like the kind of legal team you want on your side.