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Tim George

Attorney Tim George writing

I wasn’t born into a family of lawyers. My dad was a steel worker in Mahoning Valley, and I found work at a local warehouse to pay for school. When I started to consider a career in law, I looked around at my family, my coworkers, and my neighbors, and I saw myself being the kind of lawyer who helped people like us — people who worked hard and needed help getting past some unforeseen obstacle. 

I worked as a Teamster while attending law school. I think having to put in that extra work made me a better attorney in the long run. A lot of my clients are hard workers and good people caught up in a tough situation. I have a very real appreciation for that position.

The core areas of law that I practice are bankruptcy law, family law, and estate planning. I chose these areas because they account for some of the most common legal issues I see people needing help with in the Youngstown-Warren area. I try to cater to the everyday needs of my neighbors by helping them through their concerns related to bankruptcy, divorce or separation, child custody, wills, trusts, and probate.

The best days in my work are the days when I get to help make someone’s life a little easier.


To some, the phrase “neighborhood law office” may sound like an oxymoron, and I can understand why. But Northeastern Ohio is my home, not just where I work. When clients come to me for help, I want them to know that they’re in a place where it’s safe to talk about their concerns. After all, the more comfortable they feel, the better we’ll work together.

Sometimes clients come to the office with a question and we discover that legal action isn’t necessary for their case. For instance, we have had clients come to us asking whether they need to file for bankruptcy. As always, we encouraged them to sit down and really hash out their budget — figure out what they were spending and whether there was room to cut back in a few areas. After going through that simple exercise, they realized they could recover financially by being a little more budget conscious. Dawn and I may not have gotten a case out of those situations, but we certainly helped the clients with the concern that brought them in, and really, that’s what our work is all about.


  • J.D., University of Akron School of Law

  • Youngstown State University, magna cum laude


  • Trumbull County Bar Association

  • Ohio State Bar Association

  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

  • Former Limited Service Faculty member, Youngstown State University